1. How do you sign up for Boxe BnB?

To sign up for our Boxe BnB membership, head to our website and click “Get Started.” Once you create an account, you will fill in your shipping, and billing, and complete your purchase as a monthly charge or one-time payment.

2. What are the membership options?

You are able to sign up for our monthly subscription

After your first prepaid month ends, you will automatically be billed monthly moving forward.

3. What is included with my BoxeBnB membership?

Every season, you’ll receive I package containing 11 perfectly curated Welcome boxes, as well as detailed information about the products that your guests will be receiving. You will have the option of including your host details inside each box. Read more about what’s in our current box here.

4. When does my membership renew?

When you first sign up, you will be charged immediately for your monthly membership. Your membership will renew on the 2nd day of each month. Your membership automatically renews each month unless you decide to cancel before your upcoming billing date. See shipping dates below.

5. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, credit cards or debit cards. We also accept Paypal.

6. How do I skip, make changes, or cancel my membership?

You can change your membership, shipping address, house details, or simply cancel your membership via your account dashboard. All prepaid months are non-refundable. Note that if you make any changes after your billing date, they will not apply to the upcoming box, but will take effect for the next billing date. If you have any questions, email us at

7. Do you offer a referral program?

We do not currently offer a referral program but hope to in the future.

Bulk Orders

If you are looking to place an order of 5 or more boxes big boxes per month, please reach out to and our support team will work with you to create a custom order.


1. How do you select the products in each box?

In one word: dynamically. We make relationships with brands and industry experts from all over the world, handpicking our favorite gems. Our team of brand curators and experts piece together the best products of the moment, whether they’re an exciting up and coming brand or a legacy product that we all trust and love. You will always get a sneak peak of what’s in every box before each quarterly box is launched.

2. Why am I unable to select the products I receive?

Boxebnb is about discovering and expanding your hospitality horizons. There are over 1,000,000 beauty and snack products in the world. Our try-by-the sample size model gives your guest the ability to discover new products while elevating their stay.

3. I loved the brands in my last box, where can I purchase more?

We got you! All of the information about the brands your guests received as well as full-sized product recommendations can be accessed by going to our website. You will also receive a list of all products in the box along with discounts for full-size purchases; your guest will receive the same discount opportunity within their boxe.


1. When does my BOXE ship?

When you first sign up, there will be an estimated shipping date at checkout. For renewals, your box will ship during the first week of every month.

Feel free to contact us at if you need to arrange for a different shipping date. While we cannot guarantee a delivery date, we’re happy to arrange for a different shipping date.

2. Where do you ship?

We currently ship within the United Kingdom

3. My shipment was damaged. What now?

Sorry to hear that. E-mail us at with an image of the damage and we will coordinate a refund or we’ll ship you a replacement product free of charge.