How It Works

Impress your guests in three easy steps.

As easy as...


Pick Your Plan

Select the type and number of boxes needed based on your guest requirements. Our boxes cover all your essential amenities for the duration of your guest stays.


Choose your Boxe

Our Essential and Hospitality boxes are curated and packed to accommodate hosting budgets and guest stays of all sizes. Make your guests feel welcome and at home.


Prepaid or Pay as you go

We offer weekly or monthly prepaid and Pay as you go Boxe replenishment plans for hosts. Our plans provide hosts with a new supply of sealed boxes to your doorstep every month for a fixed fee.

Essentials Boxes

Single use, sample sized product amenities, featuring quality toiletries, guest essentials and a selection curated products to make your guest feel at home.

Hospitality Boxes

A hand curated selection of consumer products from our marketplace of over 100 premium brand. Curated for you and your guests.